The Seaport Cooperation (SEACOP) is a joint-up Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) and European Union (EU) funded initiative to support Sierra Leone and West Africa

The Seaport Cooperation (SEACOP) is a joint-up Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) and European Union (EU) funded initiative to support Sierra Leone and West Africa in the fight against transnational organized crimes within the maritime domain.

This project which is currently at Phase VI, has also been set up in other West African countries like Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, and Cape Verde, to increase maritime vigilance against illicit trafficking and other organized criminalities by targeting suspicious vessels and containerized cargo. The SEACOP Team in Sierra Leone functions under an integrated command, using the Transnational Organised Crime Unit’s (TOCU) structure, with the National Security Coordinator, Office of National Security, providing overall coordination.

As part of the efforts to frustrate transnational organized criminality within the maritime domain, SEACOP VI is conducting a Maritime Intelligence Unit’s (MIU) training aimed at enhancing field operatives’ capacity and efficiency in maritime surveillance, regarding vessels sailing in the territorial waters or calling in ports in Sierra Leone. The overarching objective is to build personnel effectiveness against narcotics or illicit cargo trafficking within the maritime domain. Training session, will be conducted in Sierra Leone, on the Monday 12th and will end on Friday 16th February 2024.

The trainers would be selected among NCA and MAOC-N analysts and approximately, 15 attendees will participate in the training session , and the two best learners will be selected to participate in a Training of Trainers’ course scheduled to be held in Abidjan in March, 2024.

At the training’s opening session, the National Security Coordinator, Office of National Security; Mr. Abdulai Caulker, expressed delight over the conduct of the first-ever Maritime Intelligence training in Sierra Leone. He thanked and welcomed the organizers and encouraged participants to put aside all personal concerns and fully concentrate on the training. The NSCoord emphasized the need for them to ask the pertinent questions in order to enhance thorough understanding of the concept.

The Deputy Director-General, Central Intelligence and Security Agency (DDG-CISA) stated that the training was timely and very relevant to the work of the intelligence agencies. He furthered that in spite of the interruptions from the Ebola and COVID-19 emergencies, Sierra Leone has kept the spirit alive, which demonstrates the country’s willingness in the fight against transnational organized crimes. The DDG-CISA ended by recognizing the efforts of past and current leaders for ensuring that the SEACOP structure continues to be sustained in fighting against the activities of transnational organized criminal cartels.

The Deputy Executive Director, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (D-ED-NDLEA), thanked the NSCoord for the astute leadership which he has sustainably provided in coordinating national security, including the fight against organized criminality in Sierra Leone. The D-ED-NDLEA recalled a previous engagement in which the NSCoord emphasized on the relevance and need for the requisite training to be provided for field operatives. He stated that the current training session is a manifestation of the determination of the NSCoord, for which the NDLEA is thankful. He encouraged participants to give their best and thanked the SEACOP West Africa Regional Coordinator and Team for providing a training of such nature for the SEACOP operatives in Sierra Leone.

In his brief statement, the SEACOP West Africa Regional Coordinator; Mr. Laurent Rinjonnesu expressed that because maritime information is a specific domain, his team was pleased to provide the requisite training for SEACOP operatives and stated that he reposed confidence in the personnel whom he said, will give their utmost attention to the training session.


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