Workshop on Access to Information in the Electoral Process and Practices in Sierra Leone.

The Right to Access Information Commission (RAIC) is holding a workshop on access to information among state and non-state actors monitoring electoral practices and processes in Sierra Leone as part of the preparations for the June 24, 2023, general elections. The event is occurring at the Family Kingdom Resort, Aberdeen, Freetown.

The main objective of the workshop is to raise awareness among stakeholders/participants on the importance of access to information as an essential tool for democratic elections. Additionally, the workshop is organised to train participants on using the right to access law and the newly enacted regulations in their supply and demand for information pre, during and post-election period.

On behalf of the National Security Coordinator, the Deputy Director of Strategic Communications Directorate expressed his appreciation to the RAIC for extending an invitation to the Office of National Security, cognizant of its essential role in promoting good governance and democratic accountability in Sierra Leone.

The Deputy Director underscored the importance of access to information in the electoral process as it helps people make informed decisions. He furthered that the ONS has always placed a premium on access to information as it has a Strategic Communications Directorate that informs on its activities and operations. Moreover, the ONS operates an official website that highlights, inter alia, the concerted effort on election security of the Integrated Election Security Planning Committee (IESPC). The Deputy Director concluded by pledging the commitment of the security sector to continue providing access to information and communication at all times.

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