Directorate Provincial and Border Security


To provide oversight and coordination of the Provincial, District and Chiefdom Security Committees in order to provide early warning to GoSL through the National Security Coordinator on the existence or likelihood of any security threat to the chiefdoms, districts and provinces of the country and ensure effective response mechanism by GoSL.

Director Provincial and Border Security

  • The delivery and management of PROSECs, DISECs and where in existence CHISECs;
  • To advise on all Provincial and District Security matters;
  • To identify and work with partners to deliver Provincial and District security;
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with councils across the country so that they understand their roles and responsibilities, how they link to and must work with PROSECs, DISECs and CHISECs to ensure the continued security of their regions and the country;
  • To ensure that PROSECs, DISECS and CHISECs are appropriately manned and that all personnel understand and are skilled in their roles;
  • To ensure that the flow of information to the regions and from the regions operates effectively to support all ONS operational activity and assessments;
  • To support all national level decision making and planning with accurate and timely information from the regions;
  • To ensure all PSCoords, DSCoords and CSCoords follow best practice in the conduct of their work;
  • To work with the Director of Disaster Management to develop capable multi skilled personnel to operate in the districts and provinces;
  • To work with the Director of Strategic Communications to develop public information programmes which help to shape wider security understanding in the districts;
  • To work with the Research and Assessment Directorate to develop information and data management systems which support national operations in the districts
  • To ensure the NSCCG has a full understanding of provincial and district border security issues;
  • To ensure provincial and district security information is provided in an accurate and timely manner to the RAD
  • Provide secretarial support to the JMC

Carry out any other responsibility as may be assigned by the NSCoord