Requirement for Obtaining a Private Security Company Licence in Sierra Leone

Legal Mandate:

Section 19(1) of the National Security and Central Intelligence Act 2002 provides that “Subject to this Act, no person shall operate a private security company unless such person holds a licence issued by the Office of National Security (ONS)”, whiles Section 19(2) further states that “Any person who wishes to operate a private security company shall apply to the ONS for a licence for that purpose.

    • The company must be registered and incorporated in Sierra Leone by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) located at 15 Syke Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
    • Applications for registration and licensing of private security companies must be submitted to the National Security Coordinator, Office of National Security, Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
    • If the applicant is a foreign company and registered in Sierra Leone, it shall also conform to the Local Content Agency Act 2016 in the recruitment of personnel.
    • The applicant and other promoters, directors or officers of the company must be of high integrity and professionalism.
    • The company must have people performing executive or management functions
    • The company, its management and other personnel must be security vetted by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP)
    • The company must have sufficient material and financial resources to sustain its operations.
    • The company must have an identifiable address, official letterhead and a suitable office facility.
    • All applications to register and licence a private security company (PSC) must be directed to the National Security Coordinator, Office of National Security, Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
    • The applicant for a licence must enclose the following documents:
      • Certificate of Registration
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Business Premise Registration Certificate
      • Memorandum and Articles of Association (This must be specifically for private security services).
      • National Revenue Authority (NRA) Certificate of Registration
      • National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Certificate of Registration
    • Upon receipt of the application, the applicant will be contacted via the contact number (s) on the company’s letterhead for a brief interview.
    • The applicant will be requested to pay TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND LEONES (LE200,000) into Account Number 0112004088 at the Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) and submit the Pay-in-Slip to the Director responsible for licensing of PSCs.
    • Thereafter you will be issued an Application Booklet to fill and return to the ONS within TWO WEEKS. The Application Booklet contains all the requirements to register and licence the company. Licence issuance to the applicant company depends on its ability to fulfil all the requirements. 
    The cost of the licence depends on the category/class of the company. There are two categories:  Category A and B.
  • Category A – International companies or their subsidiaries incorporated in Sierra Leone and/or companies owned by non-Sierra Leoneans
    • New Licence – Le60,000,000.00 (Sixty Million Leones)
    • Renewal – Le40,000,000.00 (Forty Million Leones)
  • Category B – indigenous/local companies fully owned by Sierra Leoneans and incorporated in Sierra Leone.
    • New Licence – Le14,000,000.00 (Fourteen Million Leones)
    • Renewal – Le12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million Leones)