NSCoord address personnel of NSR

The National Security Coordinator, Office Of National Security, Mr. Abdulai Caulker, Addresses Personnel Of The National Situation Room (NSR).

The National Situation Room (NSR) is located at the Headquarters of the Office of National Security at Tower Hill in Freetown. It is the conduit for the acquisition, analysis/processing and dissemination of critical security information and intelligence in support of the early warning and early response mechanism. The NSR is either activated during national emergencies or major national events such as presidential and general elections.

Accordingly, in the upcoming elections scheduled for June 24th 2023, the NSR will be fully activated to enhance the provision of effective security before, during and after the elections. When activated, the NSR becomes the central situation room from which all other situation rooms feed. Personnel from security sector agencies and other Elections Management Bodies (EMBs) are seconded by the leadership of the various institutions in order to enable the efficient functioning of the NSR.

In this regard, on Thursday, 11th May 2023 (the eve of the activation of the NSR), the National Security Coordinator (NSCoord), Office of National Security, Mr. Abdulai Caulker, summoned a meeting of all personnel that have been seconded to work in the NSR. The purpose of the meeting was to address all personnel on the importance, requirements and expectations of the NSR.

In his statement, the NSCoord gave a brief background to the establishment of the NSR, its functions and its composition. Reminding all deployed personnel that working at the NSR was a national duty and sacrifice, the NSCoord emphasized the need for effectiveness, professionalism and the need to take their work seriously during the period of deployment at the NSR. He also stated that all other situation rooms will be linked to the NSR, which shall be the central hub for all security information and intelligence. The Secretariat of the Integrated Elections Security Planning Committee (IESPC) has also been activated and will work in collaboration with the NSR. The NSCoord further informed all that personnel at the decentralised security structures will also fully support the NSR through the provision of the requisite security information and intelligence. For this, training and tablets meant have been provided for all District and Provincial Security Coordinators across Sierra Leone.

In order to make the NSR a strictly working environment, the NSCoord admonished that only authorised persons shall be made to have access to the room after its activation. This, therefore, means that all visitors (except those working on election security-related issues) will not be allowed to have access to the NSR effective the day it is activated. To avoid eating any food in the NSR, the canteen at the ONS will remain open to all NSR personnel on a 24/7 basis.

The Deputy National Security Coordinator (DNSCoord), ONS, Dr. Ahmed A. Sannoh, will provide overall supervision over all deployed personnel at the NSR.

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