The National Situation Room (NSR)

The National Situation Room (NSR) is hosted and coordinated by the Office of National Security (ONS). It provides early warning and response services during national security emergencies. It is activated during a Level II or III emergency state security classification to support the security sector, elections management bodies, Ministries, Departments and Agencies and other state and non-state actors in operational planning, data collection, collation, analysis and presentation.

Also, the NSR provides complimentary services to the Situation Rooms (SR) of government institutions mandated to deal with a specific type of emergency or disaster. For instance, the NSR provided complimentary services to the SRs of the National Ebola Response Centre (2016-2018), the National COVID-19 Response Centre (2019-2021) and the Disaster Management Agency response to the fire disaster at the Wellington Industrial Area in September, 2021.

The NSR constitutes liaisons from the ONS, Central Intelligence and Security Unit, Sierra Leone Police, Republic of Sierra Armed Forces, National Fire Force, Sierra Leone Correctional Services and the Ministry of Information and Communications. Other actors can be brought in depending on the type of emergency being dealt with. When fully activated it operates on a 24-hour basis or as may be determined by the National Security Council Coordinating Group or the National Security Coordinator.

The NSR collects data/information through:

  • District Security Coordinators (Field Monitors)
  • The Public (119 Emergency toll-free line across all network)
  • Radio/TV Stations
  • Pillar Heads (Responders)
  • Feedback from NSSG