The Deputy National Security Coordinator, Office of National Security, Dr Ahmed A. Sannoh, on behalf of the NSCoord, co-chaired the meeting with the Minister of State (MoS), North-West Region, Hon. Alpha Sahid Bakarr Kanu.

In his opening, the DNSCoord, on behalf of the NSCoord, welcomed members & stated that the purpose of the meeting was to assess the security sector’s preparedness in the region for the upcoming general elections. He outlined the following sub-topics for deliberation: political intolerance, tearing of campaign posters, misuse of social media/hate speech, use of marshals by politicians, lawlessness & indiscipline, illicit mining, etc.

The co-chairman (MoS-North-West) also outlined the activities of the various security committees in resolving security threats confronting the region, raised the issue of border porosity, & recommended the closure of our borders during the upcoming general elections.

The ECSL, PPRC, SLP, RSLAF, etc. also briefed on their respective activities in preparation for the upcoming general elections.

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