Directorate Planning and Inter Agency Relations

Director Planning and Inter Agency Relations

  • Represent all ONS functions, on behalf of the NSCoord, across the GoSL, the international community based in SL and NGOs to build relationships, develop understanding and support;
  • Ensures the NSCoord builds relationships at the strategic level to ensure the delivery of the ONS mandate
  • To ensure that all ONS directors have a full understanding of the thoughts and concerns of the GoSL, IC and NGOs;
  • Ensure ONS and the NSSG are fully involved in planning conducted by other MDAs and the IC;
  • Provide the planning function to the NSSG and NSCCG when strategic and operational planning is required;
  • Work closely with all directorates to identify the need for national plans and ensure they create unifying direction;
  • Supports the development of the NTA and their appropriate communication around the GoSL;
  • Works with the Director of Strategic Communications to produce communications which informs and shapes national understanding on all ONS issues;
  • Work with the Research Assessments Directorate to build strong data sets to support all ONS functions;
  • Work closely with P&PS to ensure there is a common understanding of the need for inspections;
  • Direct M&O to deliver a programme of monitoring and oversight inspections and activities driven by NTA priorities;
  • Ensure that all MDAs have a common understanding of the need for monitoring by ONS as a key function in understanding national risks.
  • Provide support for the enhancement of the Performance Contract System in collaboration with Director, Finance and Corporate Services
  • Develop annual strategic plan for the ONS
  • Carry out any other responsibility as may be assigned by the NSCoord