Directorate Disaster Management


Director Disaster Management

  • Responsible for the coordination of all national efforts, including international partners, for the mitigation of risks and response
  • Responsible for the identification, and communication of, risks which may cause a national emergency;
  • Promote national understanding of the need for DM preparedness, including appreciation in development work
  • The secretary to the NPDRR;
  • Provide secretarial services to the NPDRR and ensure that it meets every quarter and functions effectively
  • Understands international benchmarks for DM and seeks to achieve these where possible;
  • Advise the GoSL, through the NSCoord, on all disaster related issues within the country;
  • Run the NSSG during an emergency in support of the NSCoord, providing appropriate coordination and direction across its membership;
  • Leads on the development of national contingency plans
  • Ensure a robust and accurate flow of information from and to DDMCs;
  • Ensure DDMCs are well prepared and able to fulfill their roles;
  • Understands in detail the nature of risks in each district;
  • Supports the development of the NTA
  • Provide annual disaster risk assessment report
  • Work with the Director of Strategic Communications to produce communications which informs and shapes national understanding on DM;
  • To work with the Research Assessments Directorate to build strong data sets to support DM;
  • To work closely with the Director of Planning and Inter Agency Relations to build strong capable relationships and ensure the consideration of DM issues across the GoSL and international community;
  • To work closely with PAPS to ensure there is a common understanding of CNI and the threat to it.
  • Carry out any other responsibility as may be assigned by the NSCoord