Destruction of prohibited drugs at the TOCU Headquarter – 17th February, 2024 .


In order to curb the menace regarding the importation and abuse of prohibited drugs, on 7th February, 2024, stakeholders from the Transnational Organised Crime Unit (TOCU), the media, and other relevant government departments, witnessed and participated in the destruction, by incineration, of huge cache of prohibited drugs at the TOCU HQ.

The drugs under reference were exhibits arrested at the land, air and sea borders, which were in the custody of the police, customs and the judiciary. The public destruction serves as a deterrent for perpetrators and a demonstration of commitment and transparency on the part of the security sector leadership.

At a brief ceremony preceding the destruction, one speaker, after the other, laid emphasis on the need for collaboration amongst the major stakeholders, including the relevance for a whole -of-society’s approach to eradicate the drug abuse scourge in Sierra Leone.

The event was climaxed by setting fire on a large quantity of cartoons of Royal Tramadol, bundles of cannabis sativa (marijuana), and other prohibited substances. The event was fully covered by the fourth estate.


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