The NSCCG spearheads the return of Paramount Chief (PC) Jibao Nyama Russell to Lower Banta Chiefdom – 15th February 2024.

the return of Paramount Chief (PC) Jibao Nyama Russell to Lower Banta Chiefdom – 15th February 2024.

It could be recalled that in 2019, fracas ensued between the Paramount Chief (PC) of Lower Banta Chiefdom and some of his subjects. Owing to the mounting tensions then, the PC was advised to leave the chiefdom for his own safety and security. Ever since this period, the PC had been out of his chiefdom and all efforts by the relevant authorities to pacify the people to ensure the return of the PC became futile. However, in 2024, after several stakeholder engagements at the National, Regional, District, and Chiefdom levels, the Government of Sierra Leone took the bold decision to get the PC to return to his Chiefdom. Regarding this, on 15th February, 2024, PC Jibao Nyama Russel was returned to Gbangbatoke Town, the headquarters of Lower Banta Chiefdom, Moyamba District. The National Security Council Coordinating Group (NSCCG), the second highest forum for the consideration of all matters relating to security in Sierra Leone, chaired by the National Security Coordinator (NSCoord), Mr. Abdulai Caulker spearheaded the return process. Although the return ceremony was briefly interrupted in the morning hours, the program however later went on unhindered as the Police took charge and ensured that the various stakeholders were able to make statements reiterating the importance of peace, cohesion and mutual respect. At the ceremony, the representative of the NSCoord, Mr. Mohamed B. Bangura, the Director, in charge of Provincial Security spoke about the need to embrace peace and chieftaincy as no human being is perfect, all mortals are liable to make mistakes, but like the saying goes, “to err is human and to forgive is define,” he quoted. The Minister of Youth Affairs also made a sincere and frank statement of commitment to the prevalence of peace in the Chiefdom, going forward. He apologized on behalf of the youths for all the violence and destructive tendencies perpetuated in the Chiefdom over the period. The representative of the Council of Paramount Chiefs harped on the same calls for peace, unity, and development with a focus on sustainable development in the Chiefdom, the District, and by extension, the country. The Minister of Internal Affairs re-echoed the point of youth lawlessness and the need to shelve those negativities and give priority to their own personal growth and development. The Minister of Local Government Minister officially presented the Paramount Chief and admonished all to be respectful and law abiding in the interest of national security and development. The returned PC thanked His Excellency, the President and Government of Sierra Leone, and also especially thanked the security sector for the auspicious and memorable occasion to return him to his people. The PC was so brief by apologizing for all his mistakes and promised to turn to a new page as he had forgiven all those who in diverse ways had offended him, causing disturbances in his life and reign. He said he had learnt his lessons and will work for the interest of his people and the development of the nation. The ceremony was climaxed by scenes of jubilations, and the PC, who was cladded in white regalia, was escorted by jubilant youths who displayed a portrait of him.


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