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Who We Are

What drives us

The Office of National Security (ONS) was established by an Act of Parliament - The National Security and Central Intelligence Act (2002) by the end of Sierra Leone’s 1991- 2002 rebel war. It was to serve as the secretariat of the National Security Council (NSC) to fulfil an urgent demand for a high level authority to provide for the coordination and oversight of the security sector, the object for which the NSC was established to provide the highest forum for the consideration and determination of matters relating to the security of Sierra Leone.

By the time of the enactment of the National Security and Central Intelligence Act (2002), the office then referred to variously as the National Security Agency or the Office of the National Security Adviser or the National Intelligence Agency was in its nascent stage. At that stage, it, by necessity, mainly focused on intelligence collection in support of a Government that was faced with the critical challenge of re-establishing its authority.

It had been assessed that until and unless the activities of the security sector were properly coordinated, and a strong executive oversight established, the sector would remain disjointed, uncoordinated, wasteful and unable to deal with the lingering and emerging security challenges Sierra Leone and its people continued to face.

Hence, the National Security and Central Intelligence Act (2002) which provided the legal framework for the establishment of the ONS achieved the key twin goals of full oversight, and control and coordination of the security sector.

Guiding Principles


Lead The Programs

Using Innovative And Standdard Ways For Security

“We believe in the collaboration to save Sierra Leone and its citizens”


ONS is to effectively coordinate the national security and intelligence architecture with the aim of creating the enabling environment for sustainable national development, poverty reduction and conflict prevention.


The ONS aspires to achieve the provision of a transparent, apolitical, accountable and operationally effective structure; staffed by high calibre individuals of great integrity, safeguarding a free, independent and democratic Sierra Leone and the wellbeing of its people.

The Mandate

As referred to above, the ONS is established as the secretariat of the National Security Council and is headed by the National Security Coordinator – Section 17(1) of the National Security and Central Intelligence Act (2002). Without prejudice to the generality of this overarching requirement of the institution, the mandate of the ONS encompasses the specific responsibilities of the National Security Coordinator and other assigned and implied tasks/responsibilities provided in the Act.


To provide secretariat services to the Council as mandated in Part V Section 17 (1) and in respect of such committees of the Council as provided for in Section 5 (1) of the Act, and cognizant of the strategic responsibility and importance of the pivotal role of the institution as provided throughout the Act, the ONS strives to establish and maintain the ethos of being truthful, neutral, fair and highly professional. These requirements embodied in the character of the ONS are derived from its Mission and Vision.

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