Who We Are

Use Natural Resources Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry

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Who We Are

What drives us

The Office of National Security has the statutory mandate to coordinate the activities of Security Sector institutions with the view to ensuring that a concerted Government approach is adopted in addressing issues relating to the security of the state and its people.

Furthermore, the ONS has the mandate the coordinate the prevention and response to all national emergencies both natural and human-made.

Guiding Principles


Lead The Programs

Using Innovative And Standdard Ways For Security

“We believe in the collaboration to save Sierra Leone and its citizens”


To effectively coordinate national security and intelligence architecture with the aim of creating an enabling environment for sustainable national development, poverty reduction and conflict prevention


Providing a transparent, apolitical, accountable and operationally effective structure staffed by high calibre individuals of great integrity, safeguarding a free, independent and democratic Sierra Leone and the wellbeing of its people

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