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Security Sector’s Condemnation of a Very Dangerous Video Making the Rounds on Social Media.

The attention of the Security Sector has been drawn to a very dangerous and unfortunate video making the rounds on social media authored by a certain Sierra Leonean residing abroad. This behaviour is becoming the new pattern aimed at disrupting national peace and cohesion.

In the fifty-two seconds video, the author is seen brandishing a pistol (gun) and threatening that it is meant to “take care of” perceived political opponents he identified as supporters of the All People’s Congress Party. Sadly, in the video, the author did not identify on whose behalf he was making such unguarded comments.

Not only is the authoring of such a video the work of a coward but it is also considered a reckless and dangerous piece meant to provoke violence and undermine genuine efforts for credible, free and fair elections.

The Security Sector condemns, with utter revulsion and dismay, this unpatriotic attitude and calls on the author to retract the unfortunate piece, in addition to the tendering of unreserved apologies to the leadership of the All People’s Congress, its supporters and the general citizenry of Sierra Leone.

The Sector is further studying the contents and all relevant details of this troubling piece and will pursue other means to nip in the bud this unacceptable message. It is neither representative of our collective Sierra Leonean heritage nor is it decent. Organizations that have any dealings with the author of this piece should be emboldened to distance themselves from this shenanigan and cowardly attitude.

In conclusion, the general public is encouraged to disregard such disposition and further assured of the Security Sector’s resolve to provide a conducive atmosphere where all Sierra Leoneans will feel free to vote or be voted for in the upcoming general elections.

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