Our mission is to effectively coordinate the national security and intelligence architecture with the aim of creating the enabling environment for sustainable national development, poverty reduction and conflict prevention.


Quo Veritas Ducit (Where the truth leads us)


The ONS aspires to achieve the provision of a transparent, apolitical, accountable and operationally effective structure; staffed by high calibre individuals of great integrity, safeguarding a free, independent and democratic Sierra Leone and the wellbeing of its people.

Message from the National Security Coordinator

Since the end of the civil war in 2002, the security landscape in Sierra Leone has evolved dramatically with considerable progress in structural reforms and service delivery. There has been a paradigm shift from state-centric to human security. This current security arrangement requires core security sector institutions and government Ministries, Departments and Agencies to work in tandem and complement one another in pursuance of our collective security and progress.

The Office of National Security (ONS) is positioned to play the critical role of coordinating these efforts as enshrined in the National Security & Central Intelligence Act (2002).

Overtime, the ONS has made deliberate efforts to promote the culture and practice of security across government, thereby linking security strategy to development objectives. Also, the ONS supports His Excellency, the President and Chairman of the National Security Council by offering the highest quality advice, and driving efforts to ensure decisions are implemented in a professional fashion.

Abdulai Caulker
National Security Coordinator (NSCoord)

Senior Management

Dr. Ahmed A. Sannoh
Deputy National Security Coordinator
Francis Langumba Keili
Chief of Staff
Alhaji Morlia Kargbo
Principal Director

Core Values

CREDIBILITY - ONS will endeavour to have the trust and confidence of Sierra Leoneans and the International Community.

INDEPENDENCE - The ONS will strive to remain non-partisan in the discharge of its duties; and conduct its activities with honesty and impartiality.

PROFESSIONALISM - The ONS strives to maintain well trained, dedicated and professionally competent staff.

ACCOUNTABILITY - The ONS will bear the full onus for its activities and will remain answerable to the Government and people of Sierra Leone.


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