Human Resource Directorate


  1. To provide strategic guidance on the ONS recruitment process
  2. To advise the Admin Dept. on eligibility criteria
  3. To advise on initial deployment of newly recruited personnel
  4. To develop and / or review training policy for the institution
  5. To undertake periodic Training Needs Assessments for the respective departments
  6. To undertake profiling of both core and support staff
  7. To ensure the design and implementation of relevant training packages in line with the Training Needs Assessments
  8. To establish meaningful partnerships with internal and external training institutions with a view to sourcing opportunities for relevant training for personnel
  9. To source funding for training programmes where such programmes fall outside the original strategic plan submitted by the department
  10. To establish a database on training progression of all core and support staff
  11. To carry out such other tasks or assignments that may be delegated to the Department from time to time