Directorate Serious Organised Crime Coordination


To provide a cross-sectoral forum for the coordination of intelligence and operations’ targeting organised  criminal activities so as to provide support in successfully arresting, prosecuting and other wise establishing a known deterrence to discourage the use of territory of Sierra Leone for such crimes.

Director Serious Organised Crime Coordination

  • To coordinate and lead the national effort to defeat serious organized crime;
  • To horizon scan and identify changes in the pattern of SOC, ensuring that national MDAs and the international organisations are aware of changing threats and respond accordingly;
  • To identify and build strong relationships with partner organisations dealing with SOC;
  • To ensure a robust and sustainable intelligence flow from all national organisations to ensure the timely and precise conduct of SOC operations;
  • To establish and maintain a close, but appropriate, relationship with the prosecutorial chain linking the police and the judiciary to enhance an integrated approach to prosecutions;
  • To work closely with, and support when appropriate, the Justice Sector Coordinating Office and maintain security interests in reform
  • Monitor international approaches to SOC and introduce best practice to Sierra Leone and the MRU;
  • To work closely with the West African sub region to ensure that cross border SOC is identified, understood and stopped;
  • To work with the Director PBS to ensure that SOC activities in all districts are properly dealt with, and that PROSECs, DISECS and CHISECs fully understand the nature of SOCC within their areas;
  • To work with the Research Assessments Directorate to build strong data and intelligence sets to support SOCC operations;
  • To support the Research Assessments Directorate to develop the annual NTA and NIRs;
  • To work with the Strategic Communications Directorate to develop key messaging which shape the national approach to dealing with SOCC;
  • To work closely with the Director of Planning and Inter Agency Relations to build strong capable relationships across the wider security community.
  • Develop strong synergy with PBS, DM and PAPS on issues of Counter Terrorism
  • Provide secretarial support to the TOCU Management Board
  • Carry out any other responsibility as may be assigned by the NSCoord