Protective and Private Security

The Protective and Private Security (PAPS) Directorate is responsible for the security of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

It issues licences to Private Security Companies (PSCs) and ensures that they adhere to established procedures.

The Department is also responsible for the supervision of security vetting and for investigations of security clearance for persons who hold or may hold vettable positions in Government.

Director Protective and Private Security

  • Ensure that all private security companies wishing to operate in Sierra Leone are properly licensed and annually renewed by the ONS
  • Ensure an active oversight programme of private security companies in line with national regulations and international best practice;
  • Coordinate the work of security agencies to ensure that protective security is properly delivered in Sierra Leone;
  • Provide advice and direction to MDAs on their protective security responsibilities;
  • Conduct protective security assessments of MDAs as prioritized by the NTA;
  • Work with the DM Directorate and SOCC to develop a register of CNI and an assessment of the threat/risk against them
  • Ensure all people responsible for CNI fully understand their responsibilities to deliver protective security and have an active programme for its implementation
  • Work with the PBS to identify and ensure the security of any CNI in their region and support its protective security accordingly;
  • Deliver the national vetting process;
  • Work with the Director of Plans and Inter Agency Relations to ensure that all MDAs are aware of the latest advice and direction on protective security;
  • Ensure that ONS is a secure location;
  • Keep up to date with international developments in protective security capabilities.
  • Carry out any other responsibility as may be assigned by the NSCoord
  • Develop and implement a Vetting Policy based on international best practice, collaborating with Parliament, Office of the President and other relevant actors
  • Working with RAD, identify a register of key appointments which require priority vetting;