Directorate Strategic Communications

Director Strategic Communications

  • Lead the NSSG on all matters of Strategic Communications;
  • Ensure that any matters raised by the NSCCG requiring Strategic Communications support are taken forward;
  • Work with all directorates in ONS to build and deliver a programme of Strategic Communications which supports ONS activities;
  • Carry out impact assessment of Strategic Communications in enhancing public awareness of the role of ONS
  • Prepare the NSCoord and any directors who are to be interviewed by the media;
  • Build a strong bond and close liaison with the State House Communication unit and the MIC
  • Deliver press conferences and media events on behalf of ONS;
  • Monitor media channels to understand ongoing security concerns;
  • Work with RAD to ensure that the NTA is widely understood on the Need-To—Know basis
  • Ensure that ONS events which are appropriate for public awareness are communicated.
  • Develop an annual communication plan and messaging
  • Carry out any other responsibility as may be assigned by the NSCoord