About Us

During the pre-conflict and conflict era security arrangements in the country was in a state of confusion engendered by extensive politicization, corruption, unprofessionalism, inter institutional rivalry, limited delivery capacity of institutional task and mandates. The net effect was that there was a lack of effective security and intelligence coordination mechanisms which consequently significantly affected decision making at higher levels of governance in national security matters. Hence the need for the establishment of an apolitical and professional national security and intelligence coordination became a talking point. The ONS was established by the National Security and Central Intelligence Act (NaSCIA) 2002 as a ‘clearing house’ for the security sector to ensure effective coordination of security and intelligence at national, provincial and district levels-collecting, collating and analyzing intelligence from state security agencies, providing support and secretarial services to the National Security Council- the highest forum for the consideration of all matters of national security- Section 17 (1). The institution underpinned a whole of government approach in deliberation, decision making and response to security threats likely to undermine Sierra Leone national security. The Office of National Security is guided by the core principles of integrity, honesty, dedication, credibility, political-neutrality, professionalism and high standards of competence. Employees are required to espouse and maintain these principles both in their private and public dealings. These codes of conduct define the boundaries for ethical behavior and state the legal obligations of the employees of the ONS. It is consistent with the NaSCIA 2002, the ONS’ Mission and Vision, Terms and Conditions of Service (TaCOS) and any other regulation or policy, which is in force.  

MandateMission StatementOur VisionDepartments within ONS
The  Office  of  National  Security  has  the  statutory  mandate  to  coordinate  the activities of Security Sector institutions with the view to ensuring that a concerted Government approach is adopted in addressing issues relating to the security of the state and its people. Furthermore, the ONS has the mandate the coordinate the prevention and response to all national emergencies both natural and human- made.
To effectively co-ordinate national security and intelligence architecture with the aim of creating an enabling environment for sustainable national development, poverty reduction and conflict prevention.
Providing a transparent, apolitical, accountable and operationally effective structure, staffed by high caliber individuals of great integrity, safeguarding a free, independent and democratic Sierra Leone and the well being of its people.
There are various departments within the ONS with respective terms of references. These include: 
  • Training and Recruitment (T&R)
  • Serious Organise Crime Coordination (SOCC)
  • Protective and Private Security (PAPS)
  • Monitoring and Oversight (M&O)
  • Research and Planning (R&P)
  • Assessment Team (AT)
  • Provincial and Border Security (PBS)
  • Administration and Finance (A&F)
  • Disaster Management Department (DMD)