• National Security Coordinator. Mr Ishmael T. Tarawali’s Opening Remarks at the Security Conference

  • HE and NSCoord listening attentively

  • National Ebola Response Centre Boss…Major ( Ret) Alfred Paulo Conteh making his Speech at the Security Conference

  • His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma’s Opening remarks at the Security Conference

The Office of National Security has the statutory mandate to coordinate the activities of Security Sector institutions with the view to ensuring that a concerted Government approach is adopted in addressing issues relating to the security of the state and its people. Furthermore, the ONS has the mandate the coordinate the prevention and response to all national emergencies both natural and human-made.

To effectively co-ordinate national security and intelligence architecture with the aim of creating an enabling environment for sustainable national development, poverty reduction and conflict prevention.

Providing a transparent, apolitical, accountable and operationally effective structure, staffed by high caliber individuals of great integrity, safeguarding a free, independent and democratic Sierra Leone and the well being of its people.

  • Effective Security Sector Coordination at all level i.e. at Chiefdom, District and Province. 100%
  • Establishment of a well structured and coordinated National Security Sector Architecture. 100%
  • A marked increase in public awareness of security related issues and a well established conflict resolution mechanism. 100%

  • Secretariat of the National Security Council (NSC)
  • National Security Coordinator- Principal adviser to GoSL on National Security
  • Coordinates NSC Sub-committees-NSCCG, JIC, PROSECs, DISECs, CHISECs, JMC & TOCU
  • The supervision of security vetting for all public officials eligible for vetting position
  • mplementation of Protective Security Measures in all MDA’s
  • Coordination of efforts to combat organised criminal activities
  • GoSL’s Primary Coordinator for the management of National Emergencies
  • Coordination of funding and resources within the security sector to ensure judicious use
  • Coordination of intelligence at national, provincial, district and chiefdom levels
  • Providing arbitration for disputes within the Security Sector
  • Maintenance of cordial relationship between the Security Sector and Civil Society Organisations.


  • GOSL

  • ACC

  • DFID

  • State House

  • SLP

  • SLAF

  • State House